Introducing Fashion as a Service (FaaS)

  • The Apparel & Footwear Industry is one of the most resource-consuming and polluting industries, and is currently striving to decrease its footprint and increase its sustainability.
  • The overall apparel consumption will rise by 63%, from 62 million tons today to 102 million tons in 2030. This increase is equivalent to the “emissions produced by nearly 230 million passenger vehicles driven for a year”.
  • All efforts seem to be directed to the supply-side of the industry, while failing to address the demand-side of the problem, which is the under-utilisation of the garments.
  • Circular distribution models, such as rental, aim to maximise garment utilisation, and reduce the production necessary while increasing its profitability.
  • La Más Mona, the leading fashion rental service in Spain with over 8 years experience is launching FaaS, a 360º service that will allow any brand to start renting their catalogue in a matter of weeks.

The Case for Fashion Rental

Circular Fashion models have thrived in the last few years, founded with the aim to make fashion use more responsible and sustainable: exchange, resale and rental. Many of them could drastically reduce the industry’s emissions and circularity overnight if consumers were to stop impulsively purchasing new garments and instead use any of their services for that occasion, while still enjoying the novelty of a new look or a new trend.

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We can safely suppose that any piece of garment that has been exchanged, shared, resold or rented instead of bought new, is one less garment produced in the long run. Likewise, the more times a garment is worn, the less production is necessary to fit the lower demand for new garments.

La Más Mona is the leading fashion rental service in Spain, and can share with you some data from our 8 years experience about how we consumers can drastically reduce fashion’s environmental footprint overnight. It was a slow start or us, figuring out the correct value proposition and creating a consumer base that didn’t exist till that day. Today, we have +300,000 users which have rented over 50,000 items.

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Our dresses can be rented out 10 times on average before signs of wear start to show. Accessories (hats, purses, clutches, jewellery…) can be rented up to 15 times on average, as these items don’t need to be washed as much and are made of more durable materials. 55% of our rentals are accessories, and 45% are garments (gowns, dresses, tops, trousers, skirts and coats). This means that, on average, our items can be rented out over 10 times before signs of wear start to show, and we sell them to our customers in one of our outlets.

As a result, we only need 1 item to serve 10 of our clients, whereas a traditional shop would need at least 10 items. That is 10 times more inventory, 10 times the amount of production, resource consumption, waste and pollution. It follows that if we all shifted to renting instead of buying, thus maximising the utilisation of our clothing, we could decrease the industry’s impact by as much as 90% in a very short time. And by the way, it’s also much more profitable…

Brands like Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Vince or Diane Von Furstenberg have already realised the benefits of rental, and have launched their own rental services in the last year, in the search of a new, more conscious and woker customer.

According to McKinsey’s report, “Gen Z and millennials already account for over 50% of global consumers. But concern over environmental and social issues is not restricted to younger consumers. Some two-thirds of consumers worldwide say they would switch, avoid, or boycott brands based on their stance on controversial issues. Half of these regard themselves as activists, driven by passion. Over the past years a third of consumers worldwide have expanded the scope of their purchasing decisions to incorporate principled values and views.”

What do we Offer Brands?

We offer a “plug & play” IT and logistics service. Start renting using our IT platform and logistic know-how, developed through 7 years of renting fashion products.

Our 7+ years experience in fashion rental has yielded very efficient operations and logistics, reducing total rental processing times and especially preparation, inverse logistics and reconditioning of the rented garments for their next rental.

Our technology offers a complete KPI real-time reporting and alert system which helps our managers adjust rental parameters to maximise the ROI of the rental catalogue. We offer our brands continuous support and advice in order to achieve our targeted goals and KPIs.

We take care of all the operations and logistics so that our clients can only focus on design and production of their garments. We will stock and maintain your products, fulfil the orders and deal with end-to-end logistics and customer success.

Warehousing and logistics

We will take care of stock management and maintainance, order fulfilment, customer success, inverse logistics and garment reconditioning.

We charge an agreed amount per rental order fulfilled.

The End of Ownership has come to fashion, be the first to embrace it.

Join the rental revolution!

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